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Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Employees

It has been a practice to give corporate gifts to almost everyone in the company, and even to clients, business partners and other business associates. Regardless of how big or small a company, giving corporate gifts are often anticipated by most staff during holidays, employee recognition day, retirement, and other special occasions, whether gifts are expensive or not.

If you want to give corporate gifts to your employee without hurting your pocket, there is a wide variety of inexpensive gift ideas you can choose from. All you need to do is hunt as early as possible so you can find choices that fit most to your budget preference. Try to research through magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and online surfing. The best source would be the Internet as there are thousands of websites that can give you a wide variety of options within the reach of your budget. Some of inexpensive gift ideas for employees include:

Key Chains

Key chains are among the most common yet useful gifts that can be given to someone that might not be that close to you and are safe to give as gifts for your employees. Choose key chains in design that reflects your company. For example, if you own a quite big bakery, find key chains that are in a shape of bread, cake, or pie. You may opt to have the items engraved with the name of your employees or you might want to include the logo of your bakery business. It would also be nice to include a short line of message like “Thanks for all your hard work” or “Thanks for your service.”


Paperweights are always needed by every employee in the office. They are as useful as any writing or cutting materials an office employee needs on his desk. Paperweights come in various shapes and designs. For your employees, buy them decorative paperweights that arrive with motivational messages or word of appreciation to show them that their presence and hard work will always be appreciated. You can find various paperweights that are made of different materials such as acrylic, glass, pewter, marble, and ceramics. And just like when choosing key chains, it would be best to select paperweights that come in design that fits to your company.


Small desk clocks can add accent to their desk. If your employees have some sort of theme in there are, choosing desk clocks that fit to those themes they have would be very ideal. There are lots of desk clocks that can be engraved, so you might want to think of having their names plus your personal message and company logo on the clocks.

Gift baskets

There's nothing beats gift baskets. These are just simply well-received corporate gifts for anyone in the company. Your can give a gift basket to each employee or you may prefer giving a huge basket as a gift for the group. Gift baskets may include gourmet treats, books, desk accessories, business pens, journals, and the likes. There are now personalized gift baskets that are designed with custom ribbons and tags.

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Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Employees